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Cyber security threats are a big worry for many businesses, especially SMEs who may not have much IT security protection in place. However, even if businesses do spend big on security tech, there can still be one area of weakness that hackers love to take advantage of: unsuspecting employees. 

In this webinar we will examine the different techniques hackers use to gain entry into businesses through the social engineering of your most vulnerable assets, your staff, as well as solutions for combating this weak link in security.

Join Resolve’s Bradley Lupton, and Brigantia’s Robert Hall in this insightful webinar to find out exactly how to protect your workforce from cyber attacks. We will look at real life examples of social engineering, the damaging effects it can have on businesses, and solutions for minimising your risk of falling foul to the latest scams.

Key takeaways

  • The latest social engineering techniques
  • Everyone has a "click happy" employee 
  • Why technology alone cannot protect us
  • How security awareness training helps
  • Putting theory into action: How to defend your business from the cyber threats out there


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Bradley Lupton                Robert Hall                                   

Solutions Consultant       Product Marketing Director                          Resolve                              Brigantia        


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